Founded in 1948

Since its inception in 1948 as a leading supplier of a wide range of PVC inflatable products - from river kayaks to colorful beach games - Sevylor continues to offer original, uniquely designed designs .
In 1948, in the French suburb of Vitry, an electronics engineer, Berco Grimbert, founded a company called "Société Electronique de Vitry", commonly called "Sevy". The company manufactures electrical accessories and at the same time sets up a unit that uses its high frequency welding machines to make PVC products.
The 1st inflatable product to receive rave reviews was a small tub called "Dou Dou". Perfect for post-war France, the inflatable tub was portable, practical, easy to clean, durable and, above all, more affordable than its wooden or metal counterparts.
The buildings in Vitry quickly became too small for Sevy's rapid growth, so that the factory moved to the picturesque Alsatian village of Buhl. After having established its new headquarters there, and convinced of its potential in gold, the company adds the letters "gold" to its name. The company then extended its product offering by developing valves, pumps, boats, inflatable swimming pools and a variety of water toys.

International expansion

In 1959, Kayak Corporation of America signed an agreement with Sevylor to exclusively distribute the products in the United States, directly to the public at trade shows and sporting events. From then on and before anyone else, Sevylor developed and started selling its famous inflatable velor camping mattresses.
Faced with the potential enjoyed by its products, Sevylor is developing a PVC with "memory"; ability of the material to regain its original shape, whatever the temperature.

It was not until 1962 that Sevylor made inflatable history in the United States, when it launched the inflatable swimming pool mattress with headrest and circular pockets. This design provides the comfort of a cushion while allowing its user to stay cool. And when the pockets fill with water, it adds ballast to the mattress, preventing it from swaying. Shortly after, Sevylor continued to develop other products such as the Tahiti ™ kayak.
In 1972, Sevylor France bought Kayak Corp., and a new company called Sevylor USA Inc was created, with Conny Klimenko at the helm. Product development is then oriented towards the American market.
The Zodiac Group, world leader in ultra-resistant inflatable products for military use and expeditions, took over Sevylor France and all its subsidiaries in 1981. Seylor was reorganized into 2 separate divisions: Sevylor International (above-ground swimming pools) and Sevylor® (leisure inflatables) ).

A story of innovation

This change gives Sevylor and Klimenko more freedom and opportunities to develop new products and new markets. The invention of the Ski Bob ™ in 1986 was a major turning point that paved the way for a whole range of towable buoys. In the fall of 2006, Sevylor was acquired by Stearns Inc. a subsidiary of Newell Brands, known for its outdoor and nautical products based in St Cloud, Minnesota.

Today, Sevylor designs innovative ranges, from inflatable boats to armbands for children, and markets various items such as tenders, fishing boats, spearfishing boards, specialized boats and kayaks, towable buoys, and other accessories. All Sevylor products are designed with high quality materials providing safety and durability.