Our first products were dry bags, and we were a pioneer in using radio-frequency seam welding (a method that uses the high frequency waves and pressure to create a molecular bond) to build tough but affordable bags.

Since the early years, Seattle Sports has expanded its product line to include not only dry bags, but a wide variety of innovative, unique and affordably-priced outdoor gear.   We continue to try to build what we can in our own factory, and make the rest with trusted partners we're certain will "do the right thing" as they guide their own businesses.

We continue to build our product with an ethos towards maximizing function and value, while also mimimizing waste…(whether it be our customer's dollars or unnecessary extra packaging (that more often than not, ends up in landfills--no matter what they say).

We work hard to keep our customers happy, and our gear affordable, and we very much appreciate every customer we have, in this fast changing world that offers so many easy-click options from knock-offs and no-names.