Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, the Mustang Waterlife Studio is a stone’s throw from the water’s edge. They are surrounded by fresh water, a big ocean, and all the weather the Pacific Northwest. It's where they have been obsessing for the last 50 years on how to protect and enhance the performance of those that share their belief; that a life on the water is better than a life on land.

Their 50 year obsession has led them to building the Mustang Waterlife Studio. It's their HQ which includes; a science lab to test human physiology and material properties, a prototyping shop that their industrial design and engineering team can craft product concepts, a testing pool to evaluate new ideas (not to mention they are right beside the mighty Fraser River and Pacific Ocean for real-world testing), and a full manufacturing center to carefully craft their marine gear. It’s unique in this day and age to find a collective group of people so obsessed with every detail that they control every facet of the product experience. It allows them to truly challenge the status quo of how marine gear is designed and built.