Humble beginnings that hardly seem like a 1-2-3 recipe for success, but after 49 years, Mister Twister® continues to lead the soft plastic fishing lure business, each year becoming more and more innovative.

Yes, innovation has been the key to Mister Twister®'s success since the folks there developed the Curly Tail® concept in 1972. Up to that time, rubber or plastic lures were stiff worms or grubs; they had little or no action. The Curly Tail® changed that, and Mister Twister® sales soared. Soon Mister Twister® was selling millions of lures a year.

All this innovation has been an inspiration to the folks at Mister Twister®. It's given them an attitude. And that attitude is shouting out, "We're Mister Twister® and you ain't seen nothin' yet!"